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  • Civil Engineering Questions (30/04/2013)

1) The examination will comprise of Objective Type questions, which include Multiple choice and True-False Type questions.

2) The Subjects or topics covered in the exam will be as per the Syllabus.

3) There will be NO NEGATIVE MARKING for the wrong answers.

4) The examination does not require using any paper, pen, pencil and calculator.

5) Every student will take the examination on a single Computer terminal / PC.

6) The students need to have Mouse Using Skill.

7) On computer screen every examinee will be given objective type questions.

8) Each student will get questions in different order selected randomly from a fixed Question Databank.

9) The students just need to use the mouse and click on the Right Choice / Correct option from the multiple choices /options given with each question.

10) The examinee proceeds answering the questions one by one by clicking on the small grey circle next to the chosen answer.

11) At last, accurate result is generated within very short-interval of time.

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