Hemchandrachrya University Education & Degrees Online


HNGU Online Education department exists to serve the world citizen through highly innovative and individualized educational programs. Structured to meet the needs of the Information Age, the University acts as a holistic academy wherein constituent divisions and diverse assessment styles are effectively blended to create a flexible center of academic excellence with the learner at the heart.

HNGU Student As a sustainable institution strongly committed to the advancement of the human condition, the University delivers its programs through this website primarily, using highly flexible academic methods anchored firmly in historic and legal precedent. Online Education & Degree programs use the approach of online study and require no residency whatsoever. As a private, non-traditional institution the University's outlook is radically different from that of many mainstream universities. Its individualized model of education is based on real-world values that are directly relevant to your life and aspirations, creating a uniquely forward-looking profile within contemporary higher education.